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Heritage Unbounded

Sep 25, 2018

Climate change — extreme weather and rising sea levels — demands a forward-thinking approach to heritage preservation. Join us as we talk with Lisa Craig of The Craig Group, about current issues in preservation and adaptation planning.

In her role as Chief of Historic Preservation for the City of Annapolis, Ms. Craig spearheaded the development of a Cultural Resource Hazard Mitigation Plan and Weather It Together, a community-based planning initiative and award-winning, model for resiliency planning.

Interested in learning more about climate, cultural heritage, and how vulnerable communities are responding? Become involved in the Keeping History Above Water annual conference and browse their community resources toolkit.

“It will be the next generation of young professionals who will have the greatest role to play in protecting our coastal communities and historic landmarks from the damaging impacts of climate-related disasters and the eventuality of rising tides” (Lisa Craig, 2018).